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  1. Dear all,

    I’m trying to get a hold of Mr Rtveladze’s book, Alexander the Great in Baktria and Sogdiana. Historical and Geographical stories. Since I don’t understand Russian, do you know if his book has been published in English (or French, or German, or Italian)? If so, where can I obtain a copy? Are there other articles available in any of these languages treating about the fights and routes foloowed by Alexander the Great, especially in Central Asia.
    I was recently in Uzbekistan and felt very much confronted with Alexander’s past in that beautiful country.

    I’ll be eternally gratefull if you can help me out – that is, if it is not too much to ask …

    Thanking you on beforehand,
    Kind regards,
    Leonie Burger, Brussels, Belgium

    • Unfortunately, the book E.V.Rtveladze “Alexander’s campaign in Bactria and Sogdiana” has not yet been translated, it is only in Russian.
      With respect, Nigora.

    • Michael Shenkar

      Dear Leonie,

      There is an Italian summary published in “Parthica 9”:
      Rtveladze, E.V. “Alessandro in Battriana e Sogdiana”, Parthica 9 (2007).
      Although I did not read it and have no idea how much of the original Russian publication was omitted.

      All the best,

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